>About Your World of Text

Your World of Text is an infinite grid of text editable by any visitor. The changes made by other people appear on your screen as they happen. Everyone starts in the same place, but you can scroll through the world using your mouse.

Put any letters at the end of the URL to go to a new world. For example, http://yourworldoftext.com/forexample. They all start off blank. If you use something hard to guess, no one will be able to visit your world unless you tell them about it.

All feedback welcome: [email protected].
You can also follow me on Twitter if you really want to.

Update on September 23, 2009
Update on September 22, 2009: Writing is Disabled
  • Writing on www.yourworldoftext.com has been disabled in preparation for the move to a new system. Should be done tonight.

Update on August 27, 2009: